Professional Post Renovation Cleaning

Professional Post Renovation Cleaning

Once the renovation or construction of your home is complete, it is then time to contact 5 Star Cleaning for a shiny home! We provide the best post-renovation cleaning services in GTA.
Our cleaning teams are professionally trained in post renovation cleaningpost-renovation and construction cleanups. They are insured, have WSIB, are fully vaccinated, and practice all the safety precautions for COVID19. The crew provides cleaning supplies and tools to ensure your home has a deep clean and is dust-free.

Post Renovation cleaning is very important for the health and safety of people at risk; seniors, kids, pets, allergies, immune-compromised.

That pesky construction dust will not stand a chance once our team arrives on site. We offer a full debris clearing of the area and will ensure that the residual, post-construction dust that settles in corners won’t bother you or your family. We can: clean walls, lights, ledges, sills, doors, windows, blinds, fixtures, and carpets systems to ensure the cleanliness of your newly constructed home, and the removal of any residual dust.

5 Star Cleaning is one phone call away. Our professional post renovation cleaning crew will come to the rescue. With over 29 years in the cleaning and restoration business. We complete projects daily with highly satisfied clients. Each one of our post renovation cleaning staff is well trained and loves their jobs, therefore the results are amazing. Our cleaning crew is fully insured with WSIB and has years of great professional post-renovation experience.

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