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5 Star Cleaning provides professional steam carpet cleaning services in Greater Toronto areas. Our highly experienced technicians have been delivering great steam cleaning services with excellent customer satisfaction over 20 years. All our products that we use are green, which provide a safe environment for kids, seniors, and pets. Make sure to ask our technicians about our other cleaning and disinfecting services.

One Time Cleaning

Just because you spilled red wine, or had pet accident or your carpet is old and dirty does not mean you need to buy a new carpet. Take advantage of our top quality deep steam cleaning services and bring your carpet to life at a fair cost. We work all over GTA in different areas, our locations in your area that can help you save that antique heirloom.

Your precious carpet needs a little cleaning, attention & love. We are there to help with our professional and expert technicians.

Carpets get dirty quickly, mostly if you have pets or young children. Vacuuming is not enough to clean them thoroughly. Unfortunately, even the most powerful vacuum cleaners can only remove so much dirt. Inevitably some dirt is left behind to accumulate because it is either deep within the carpet fibres and over time this builds up.

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Taking Care of Your Carpet

In order to maintain your carpet to its best condition and have a healthy environment to live in with your precious family, dirt needs to be removed regularly and professionally.

Carpets will trap particles that would otherwise circulate around your home rendering much of allergens, mould spores and germs, bacteria harmless. It is common mis-conception that carpets are unhealthy when compared to hard floors. In fact carpets and rugs are healthiest floor covering you can have, but they need proper maintenance.

Otherwise they will not function as filters it should and instead of filtering out it allows a steady streams of allergens back into your home.

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24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration

1 hour response time for Toronto or GTA. Free same day estimates and assessment. We work with insurance companies and offer direct billing. Certified and professional technicians!