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5 Star Cleaning provides professional steam upholstery cleaning services in Greater Toronto areas. Our highly experienced technicians have been delivering great sofa and chairs cleaning services with excellent customer satisfaction over 20 years. All our products that we use are green, which provide a safe environment for kids, seniors, and pets. Make sure to ask our technicians about our other cleaning and disinfecting services.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

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Don’t leave your leather furniture to slowly deteriorate from U/V exposure, dust and leather’s other natural enemies. Our professional leather cleaning will rejuvenate your leather furniture and protect it from a wide range of damaging environmental elements.

How to Clean and keep clean your new Leather Sofa

It is very important that you refer to the manufacturer’s advice and key points for how to maintain a clean leather sofa or before you start cleaning your sofa.

General tip on leather sofa cleaning:

To maintain your leather sofa in its best condition, , use a good quality soap, Use the soap on a soft cloth and wipe the sofa to remove dirt. Be careful not to soak the leather too much, and do not rinse after washing, as this will totally ruin your sofa. Gently dabbing with a soft dry cloth allows the moisturizing soap to condition the leather. For best results try and polish the sofa to get that brand new look.

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More Leather Sofa Cleaning Tips:

Keep your leather sofa conditioned and Shinny as brand new:

Use a good leather conditioner which you can find in most furniture stores or supermarkets. To get the best results, rub the conditioner in a circular motion, covering the entire surface. Rub the conditioner in thoroughly and let it settle for about 10/15 minutes, then buff the sofa with a soft cloth to bring a shine to the sofa’s surface like a brand new sofa and enjoy it .

How to clean liquids, water based stains:

Some water-based liquids will stain your leather sofa. For this problem, simply dab up as much of the liquid as possible. Be careful not to rub it as you will risk spreading the spillage to other areas of the sofa, focus on the stained area only otherwise the stain might spread to other areas and creating bigger problem. Keep dabbing your sofa until the cloth comes back completely dry and then let the leather air dry.

How to get rid of Butter or Grease stains on your Leather sofa:

If you have a butter or grease stain on your leather sofa, do not use water to clean it! Dab the spill until the cloth comes back dry. After you have done this, allow the stain to settle over a day or two before going back to it. The oil will settle in the leather and will not be very noticeable. If the stain is still visible, Call our technicians for help.

If you have children then you might see pen ink and lines on your leather sofa. The best way to remove the ink stains from your leather sofa is to dip some cotton wool or even a cotton bud in some alcohol or vinegar and then rub it over the stained spot, then dry the area with a blow dryer or a fan. If the stain is still visible after the drying, you may want to try using some really cheap acetone-free nail polish remover, rub a small amount over the ink stain with a soft cloth. The stain should disappear instantly.

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