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Drying Goals

Use Moisture meter to measure the existing moisture contents of similar non affected area. These readings will establish our drying goals.

Extraction removes water 1,200 times faster than dehumidification. A typical extractor by professional water damage technicians will pull about 25 gallons of water a minute, while the best humidifier will pull about 30 gallons a day. That is a huge difference in drying process, where for every drop of water that you leave behind during extraction, you will need to spend 1,200 times longer trying to evaporate it from the carpet and pads.

There will be dramatic improvement in drying time if the emphasis is put primarily on the complete extraction first. It can reduce the overall job time by days, not hours. Invest the time to affect a through extraction. This would be the first step in success when drying building components, especially when drying those components in place.

Water Damage Restoration Steps & Classes Of Water

Water Damage Restoration has 3 main steps of as A, B, C.
A. Remove as much water as quickly as possible in a liquid form.
B. Vaporize the remaining moisture as quickly as possible.
C. Remove the vaporized air as quickly as possible.

Classes of Water Damage

Class 1: Slow evaporation rate: Water losses that affects only part of a room or area, where minimum moisture is absorbed by material.

Class 2: Fast evaporation rate: Water losses that affect the entire room or carpet and water has picked up walls 12 – 24″.

Class 3: Fastest evaporation rate: Water may have come from overhead, ceilings, walls, insulation, carpet, cushion and sub-floor and the entire area is saturated.

Class 4: Specialty drying situations. These consist of wet materials with very low presence/porosity (hardwood, plaster, brick, concrete, stone, crawlspaces). Typically, there are deep pockets of saturation, which normally require very low specific humidity.

For drying the water damage area we need to know the class of water involved, the size of area affected and the dehumidification option.

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