Spotting chart for carpet and upholstery

Spotting chart for carpet and upholstery
By following this Spotting specific Procedures for rug, carpet, and upholstery, you will be able to remove the stains as soon as it happens, for best result:
The spotting procedures will be based on the kind of specific cause of the satin.

Procedure A:
2 cups Hot Water with 1 Tsp gentle Laundry detergent
(using a squirt bottle works best)
Mist and blot multiple times
Tide is too strong, Use Sunlight if possible.
The final step, absorb as much as possible.
Finish with Step 5 below.

Procedure A-1:
Same as above except a half and half solution of vinegar and hot water
This is best for Material fiber’s (cotton)
Procedure A-2:
Same as above except 2 Tbs. household amonia to 1 cup hot water,
Not on natural fiber, use procedure A on them.

Procedure B:
Paint thinner applied with Q-tip. Can damage fabric construction if over-applied.
Provide adequate ventilation.
A professional spotting agent we have available would be a better choice of product.
Procedure C:
Freeze Using Ice Cubes, then chip away after thoroughly frozen.

Procedure D:
Hair spray applied with a Q-tip then procedure A. Final step 5 always absorbs as much as possible.
P-Professional Service Required!!

Methods to remove spots
1. Remove spots as they happen. While they are still fresh, spots and stains are easier to remove.
2. Remove as many solids as you can, use a spatula or the like,
3. Absorb wet spills quickly with paper towels and absorb as much moisture as possible.
4. Always blot the fiber, Never scrub or Rub, this causes the fiber to fuzz & will result in permanent damage
5. Final step is Always to put a stack of paper towels and hold down with a weight such as a book until dry(12-24 hours)
6. Follow the directions, They actually work when followed properly.
7. Good luck, If you are not sure of what needs to be done? Do not panic, just call, 5 star Cleaning5 Star Cleaning team will spot it for you.

(*)Colors such as those found in soft drinks
Kool-Aid, Candle wax, etc, will redye most natural fabrics and some synthetics.
(**)Solutions may need to be heated hotter than staining products.
(***) The herbs in tea can damage the carpet fibers and should be professionally spotted.
(****)Asphalt contains creosote and can be extremely hard to remove.
Professional services are required.

A note about detergent spotters:
You need to rinse them out of the carpet after using them or an ugly spot will result.
Use a spray bottle with just plain water and mist water over the area and bolt it
until you are satisfied the soap it out

Alcoholic ————————–A
Asphalt —————————–p (****)
Beer———————————A, P
Betadine—————————–A, (*)
Berries——————————Cold, A
Blood wet—————————-Cold, A-2
Blood dry—————————-A
Butter——————————-C, then A
Chewing gum————————–C, B, then A
Chocolate—————————-A-1 (**)
Coffee——————————-A, P
Cosmetics—————————-B (*) P
Crayon——————————-Vacuum, Cold A
D-icer——————————-A, (*), P
Drink colored————————A, (*), (**)
Drinks hot—————————A
Non-caffeine ————————A
Drink Cola—————————A, (*), P
Excrement —————————A
Food dyes—————————-A, (*), (**), P
Furniture polish———————B, P
Grease Auto————————–P
Grease Food————————–A
Ink Ballpoint————————D
Ink Permanent————————B then A
Ink washable————————-A, P
Lipsticks—————————-Polish remover, B
Mustard——————————B, then A
Nail polish————————–B, P
Paint Latex (wet)——————–A-1 (**), P
Paint latex dry———————-P
Tea ———————————Vacuum, A, P(***)
Tomato Stuffs————————A-1
Toner-copier-wet———————A, A-1, 1 Cold, P
Wine ——————————–P
Pet Hair—————————–Can be easily removed from furniture by brushing it with a rubber glove (Playtex gloves work well)

If you tried these specific procedures and were not able to get rid of stains, if you did not feel like doing it, you can always count on our professional Stain Removal Stain removal services. Although stain removal is not 100% guaranteed, however, over years of experience and with green stain removal products that we use, we will do our best to remove any tough stains. For more information and details of our services and booking:
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Source by: 5 Star Cleaning Team
October 21/2021

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