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Most Common Household Water Leaks

Most Common Household Water Leaks

There are numerous potential reasons that water leaks can occur in a household. Some can be solved on your own, yet others require the support of an experienced restoration company. Whatever the seriousness of the problem may be, water leaks in your household must always be inspected and resolved to prevent any further damage. Down below is a list of some of the most common household water leaks in your house and where you can get quick and effective help.

Water Heaters

70% of all water heater failures are due to water leaks and sudden bursts. After 10 to 15 years of operating a water heater, wear and tear can lead to failures. This failure depends on the quality and size of the tank. If you think your water heater is generating a leak in your home, you can check the tank. It is smart to have an experienced company examine your tank and conduct supervision yearly.

Washing Machine
On heavy and fast cycles, washing machines can jolt around, and in some circumstances, the pipe connection can weaken, break or leak. Nevertheless, this kind of water leakage can be quick and easy to repair in most instances. First, inspect to make sure the water on the floor is not created by a clogged floor drain. Subsequently, inspect the inlet connections, hose connections, center post gaskets, outer tub sea, air dome seal, and the pump. If you can not do the job on your own, call an expert to come help.

In many events, you can bypass overflowing your dishwasher by just placing enough detergent and not too much in the dispenser. Nonetheless, there could be different causalities for this kind of water leak. For example, a faulty float switch assembly, or a strainer that has been clogged with food and detergent debris. These switches are typically simple to exchange and can be extracted and cleaned in the sink with dish soap and a stiff bristle brush. If these are not the reasons for your dishwasher leak, it could be a problem with a plumbing connection. To be safe, contact an experienced company to inspect and fix the trouble.

Refrigerator and Freezer
Refrigerators and freezers can create a ton of extra water when they are operating in warmer settings or during the summer. Every time the door is unlocked, warm air enters and passes over the condenser coil, which produces condensation. This condensation can pool at the bottom of your fridge or freezer. While most of these devices have train lines to siphon off the extra fluid, some can become clogged with food, stopping them from draining correctly. These gutters can be washed with chlorine bleach to keep them unplugged.

Air Conditioner
Excessive dripping from the air conditioner can generate substantial harm, even though some dampness around the device is ordinary. You can check the condensate pump, refrigerant, and drainpipe for leaks, and if you see dampness on the drywall, you may have a problem.

Some water damage water damage causes are discovered outside the house. If your gutters are filled with leaves, mud, and waste from the previous few seasons, moisture can get stuck and pour over the side, seeping into the floor around your house. This can induce considerable damage, such as floods in your basement if you do not wash your drains regularly.

Sump Pump
After a bad storm, sump pumps can fail and lead to basement flooding. Once you’ve fixed your pump, schedule annual maintenance and inspections to avert future failures.

Air Ducts
Since they are linked to the air conditioning unit, water can build up in the ductwork and spring a leak. If condensation shows itself on the vents or air registers, inspect for leaks in other places as well. Experienced water damage restoration companies can assist in fixing this problem and avert it from occurring again.

Sink Pipes

Sinks and showers are one of the most prevalent areas for home water leaks after cleansing machines. Any holes in these lines or worn-out caulking can induce significant harm, so it is vital to have these checked yearly.


Bathrooms clog all the time and can be disorderly if they overflow. Although this is one of the most standard water leaks in your home, toilet leaks can generate more damage when water seeps around the seals in the floor. If you detect a puddle around the bathroom, close the water and inspect the tank. If the damage is serious, call a plumber.

With a few exceptions, a leaking faucet does not generally cause a lot of damage. When it leaks, the water empties down the sink and pools on the countertop. Nevertheless, you should not overlook this leak. All home leaks should be taken seriously.

The bathroom floor is expected to get wet, but if your shower or tub is leaking, mold can develop and generate more damage to your subflooring. Based on the seriousness, you may need to get your whole shower or tub renovated.

Water Pipes
Pipe bursts are expected, particularly when the weather changes. Pipes can contract and develop, inducing stress, wear and tear. Check your pipes entirely for drips or tiny holes and have them fixed soon.

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