Is Your Home Safe from Flood Damage?

Is Your Home Safe from Flood Damage?

It’s not a question of degrees when it comes to water damage water damage. When the water reaches the level of your floor, it will almost certainly cause damage. Even a house on stilts can experience pipe leaks or backups, efficient drainage is your best bet for avoiding a flooded home. It is in your best interest to ensure that your property’s drainage is in good working order, so here are some pointers on how to perform a flood prevention inspection.
Analyze the flow of water around your home.

The angle of the ground and how it conducts water away from (or towards) the home is referred to as the “grade” or “slope.” Observing how and where water flows during rainfall is all it takes to test the effectiveness of your grade. Make a mental note of how it flows and, more importantly, where it collects. Water will flow towards the street and into a storm drain if the gradient is ideal.
There are a few choices available if the grade of your property isn’t to your taste or if water accumulates on your property. Lengthening your home’s downspouts allows water to be deposited further away, where the slope may be better. Splash pads or lot grading can be used instead (or in combination) to improve the slope.

Assess Your Walls and Foundation,

Cracks will inevitably appear in your walls, foundation, and window wells over time. This is due to natural aging and environmental exposure. It is critical to locate and seal any such cracks, as they give entry points for water to enter your property. Even if the crack does not completely penetrate the area, it still allows water to become trapped and begin to wear away.
If you have weeping tiles or other concrete features on your property, make sure they are free of cracks. As needed, such openings should be fixed, or the tile replaced.

Check Valves, Pumps, and Drains,

Home flooding is frequently caused by sewage backup. Making sure your home’s valves are in good working order is a simple but crucial step in determining your vulnerability to a sewage backup. Consider installing backflow valves if you don’t already have them. These allow water to flow out but prevent it from coming back in, making them an effective preventative precaution.
If you have a sump pump, make sure to test it and maintain it on a regular basis so that it can help drain any water that does get onto your property before it does harm.
If storm drains get clogged, flooding might occur. Keep an eye on the storm drains closest to your home and make sure they’re not clogged. This is especially crucial in the days leading up to a storm because branches and other items are frequently washed into the drains, clogging them.
Pay attention to the state of the roads after heavy rains. If you find standing water on the roadway on a regular basis, especially after a typical rainstorm, it could indicate underlying drainage or flow issues. If this is the case, it’s preferable to bring it to the city’s planning department’s notice.

Have a Plan for the Worst!

There are a lot of things you can do to secure your home and estimate your risk of flooding. Nature, on the other hand, has a habit of delivering curveballs. Always have the risk of a flood in the back of your mind and have a plan in place in case one occurs despite your preparations. This could be as simple as raising your furniture a few inches or looking into local flood damage restoration providers.

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April 24/2022

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