7 Tips for Post-Construction/Renovation Cleaning

7 Tips for Post-Construction/Renovation Cleaning

Professional Post-construction Cleaning after any renovation or after any water damage to your home or place of work is essential. The following 7 Tips for post-Construction/Renovation Cleaning will help in maintaining and cleaning your property properly as clean as possible, while the renovation is taking place or after done.

1. Use a Drop Cloth before starting Work
It is very important to protect your area from construction materials and rubbish by spreading a drop cloth down to protect your surfaces. Compared to newspapers, drop cloths absorb more spills that will assure your floors will have the protection it needs. Furthermore, remove or cover any furniture in the area so that they do not get coated in dust or construction materials mistakenly, it can be costly to fix.

2. Open Windows
The fumes from chemicals and dust from sanding will build up in the air, therefore, proper ventilation is crucial. In this situation, open all the windows and doors to get the smells and particles out. By doing this, produces an airflow, gets the dust away from the house, lessens intense odors from cleaning products and chemicals, and aids any paint or polishes to dry faster.

3. Sweep
The following measure is to sweep. Instead of sweeping the floors and dust prior, it will be more efficient to do it after to reduce excess dust clouds. The reason behind this is that sweeping prompts dust particles to spread into the atmosphere, which implies that the same dust you extracted from the floor or counter is now back on the surface again.

4. Let the Dust Settle
After you have finished step 3, relax and give the room some time to settle. If you also need to sweep any other rooms, proceed to do that in the meantime.

5. Dust All Surfaces
Following a construction project, you will experience dust and wood particles everywhere. So by dusting all surfaces, it will make the space look professional after your project, it will likewise guarantee that no excess particles of dust and material are remaining on the covers that you or your family will be using. The most promising instrument for the job is a microfibre towel because they stick to dirt and brush them off efficiently.

6. Vacuum Everything
The following stage is to vacuum to guarantee that all the rugs, carpets, and nooks are free of dust and debris. A reminder to vacuum slowly over the surfaces you clean, which will assure that you pick up all the dust and dirt in the region.

7. Check Air Vents
A location that is frequently overlooked after a renovation is the air vent. These vents draw in dust, and they will continue to spread dust around your home if they are covered with it. Vacuuming inside your vents and cleaning off the external grills will stop your air conditioning or heating hits from getting clogged. It will also avert dust from recirculating back into your room after cleaning it.

After any repairing or renovation or any water damage at your property, the further measure is to clean up the site to eliminate any dust, debris, and disinfection. If this is too much to manage on your own, we can assist.

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Source by: 5 Star Cleaning Team
March 28/2022

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