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Water Damage And Mold Prevention Tips

Water Damage And Mold Prevention Tips
Ways to prevent water damage leading to mold formation in any property

water damage if not acted on quickly and correctly will lead to mold formation in any residential or commercial area anywhere.  There are ways to prevent or minimize the water damage or any mold formation.  Here are a few water damage and mold prevention tips that we can all take into consideration to prevent any possible water damage or mold formation.

  • Install a sewer backup prevention valve on the mainline of your home
  • Install water monitors that alert you if a leak occurs and shut off the main water supply if moisture is detected
  • Inspect all plumbing for signs of cracks or leaks, and replace older plumbing
  • Inspect older appliances, particularly washing machine and dishwasher hoses, and replace them with steel braided hoses.
  • On appliances and/or plumbing fixtures, replace old and worn rubber hoses with flexible steel-braided hoses
  • Avoid pouring fats, oils and grease down household drains
  • Check water supply lines regularly for leaks and loose connections
  • Check caulk and grout around bathtubs and showers and retouch as necessary
  • Reduce home water use during heavy rainfall and rapid thaw to reduce pressure on sewage systems and potential for water back-up.
  • It Will be wise to buy or increase your sewer backup coverage as needed.

It is always very cost-effective to prevent than fixing. Water damage restoration and mold remediation cost way more than do a few steps in preventing any water damage from happening.

If you follow these water damage and mold prevention tips and still encounter any water damage or mold for any other reason, get professional help before it is too late.  5 Star Cleaning water damage restoration certified, insured and professional technicians are available to provide any 24/7 Flood Emergency, Water Damage Restoration service, and mold remediation services in GTA and Toronto.

For any water damage concerns or questions, or in case of water damage restoration needs, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 emergency hotlines.

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Source by: Danial Geran

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5 Star cleaning provided water damage where found mold formation from water leaks in basement

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