The Do’s and the Don’ts when Experiencing Water Damage

The Do’s and the Don’ts when Experiencing Water Damage

Water damage can happen to anyone, anywhere, and for different reasons. Water damage can take place in your kitchen, bedroom, family room, bathroom, and basement. Consequently, it can impact your electronics, walls, appliances, furniture, and so forth. It is vital to take immediate measures at any possible indications of possible water damage. The occurrence of water damage must be taken very seriously because it has the power to cause extreme structural damages and, as a result, can cost thousands in repairs. To manage this problem correctly and evade additional harm to your residence, here is a compiled list of water damage dos and don’ts for water damage restoration.

What To Do?

Stop the Water:
The primary step is to locate the cause of where the water is coming from and stop it, which could be due to many different origins. If the water is coming from a clogged toilet, contact a local plumber or plunge it to control the water. Conversely, if the source is from a leaky pipe, set a bucket to gather the water or seek a method to prevent the flow.
Immediately contact a professional restoration company to assist you in reducing any additional water damage to your home.

Turn on Ventilation:
The following measure is to assure the location has appropriate ventilation to ventilate and dry up the water. What is important moving forward is to lessen the moisture as best as possible, so mold fails to grow.

What Not to Do?

Avoid the Water if There Are Electrical Hazards:
It is extremely crucial to mention that if you spot any possible electrical hazards, for example, water covering electrical outlets you should not enter the water or touch it. Immediately get in touch with a water damage restoration crew. 5 Star Cleaning has the proper safety supplies and procedures to take care of your problem.

Do not Use Household Vacuum Cleaners:
Do not attempt to absorb the water with a dry or wet vacuum cleaner. Although they may be safe for little spills and water, they are not meant to suck up water from a flood.

Do not Use Personal Objects That Are Wet from the Flood:
If any of your personal belongings, such as any hygiene items were mixed with the flooded area, do not use them, and throw them away immediately. This is particularly a risk if the water came from a contaminated origin.

Do not Attempt to Clean Sewage Water Up:
If the water came from a leaky pipe, then your kitchen could be safe. However, if the flood was due to a sewage backup, do not approach the area and immediately contact water damage professionals. Sewage water is polluted with bacteria and other small organisms that disseminate illness and disease. If you come into touch with the water, it can pose severe health risks.

Don’t Use any type of Electronics on Wet Carpet or Floors:
It is important to never use electronics on wet carpets or floors. If the flooded area has not been completely dried, by using electronics you could be at risk of electrical shock or damage to your items. You can use rubber electricity-safe gloves to unplug the electronics and cautiously extract them from the flooded area. Nonetheless, extreme cautiousness must be taken when dealing with electricity and water damage water damage.

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March 26/2022

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