Scotch Guarding basics

Scotch Guarding basics
Scotchgard protects exceptional properties ensures your carpet, rug, upholstery, and any kind of fabric get scotch guarded right away before using them to get the most benefit out of stain guarding and protect them.

Carpets, rugs, and sofas are natural choices for any home. In any color or pattern, it not only brings warmth and comfort to a room but also creates a more relaxing environment. you need to be sure that your investment is protected against everyday dust dirt and spills. The Scotchgard brand is the world leader and gives you the reassurance to enjoy your carpet, rug, and upholstery.
Everyone loves to keep the rug, sofa, and carpet fresher, cleaner, brighter for longer. It is very tough to keep them stain-free when you have kids, pets, guests, and have a party.

The Effectiveness of Scotchgard Protector at Glance:
• Resists Soiling.
• Spills can be blotted away more easily.
• Long-lasting protection.
• Easier, more effective cleaning.
• Preserves carpet’s appearance.
• Protects your investment.

Professional Scotchgarding Protection Services:

Spills and stains can ruin a carpet, rug, or upholstery if they are allowed to set in, but 5 Star Cleaning has a solution to help prevent this for our customers. It’s known as Scotchgard, and it can provide a much-needed layer of protection to your furniture or carpet when appropriately applied. When a carpet or furniture piece is Scotchgarded, the liquid will “bead up” instead of soaking into its fibers. This makes it easier to clean up without leaving a stain. It is still recommended that you clean up a spill as soon as it occurs.

Is Scotchgard Safe for Furniture?

Yes, you will be happy to know that Scotchgard is perfectly safe to use on upholstered furniture. Scotchgarding scotch guarding services will also kill fungi and bacteria upon application, and it should continue to protect the material for up to three years. For best results, we recommend having Scotchgard applied to new furniture and carpet immediately after being bought or professionally cleaned.

How Long Does Scotchgard Take to Dry?

You can generally count on your carpets and upholstered furniture to dry overnight after Scotchgard has been applied. In some cases, the treated fabric might be dry after two-to-four hours, but it’s always best to wait overnight before using furniture that has been treated with Scotchgard. In any case, you should always check to make sure that your carpet or upholstery is completely dry before using it again.
Scotchgard is just one of the many residential and commercial cleaning services that we offer at 5 Star Cleaning.
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using Scotchgard almost everything is protected from any sort of staining. You can live life, entertain, and relax because you have the peace of mind that comes from having your furnishings protected.
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July 2021

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