How Water damage affects the carpeted areas

How Water damage affects the carpeted areas
How Water damage affects the carpeted areas
Water damage can cause many things to be damaged in its wake. One of the most important
aspects of water damage to focus on is the carpeted areas in the property that get affected.
There’s a lot of misconception about what to do when your carpet is damaged.
Toronto and GTA areas still have many properties with carpet on all floors, especially the basement.

Now let’s explore what kind of steps homeowners should take when coming across wet carpets.
In all cases, where the water damage is caused by clean water, the carpet will always be safe for
use after the restoration. It is not necessary to tear out carpets just because they are wet.
However, if you do have category 3 water damage, water-categoriesmeaning the carpet must be removed if
the water is from the sewer backup. If you have had water damage from category 1 clean water,
your carpet will be safe for use after water damage. Carpet cleaning services can be provided to
shampoo and disinfect the area after the carpet has been dried.

The process to restore your carpet from water damage water damage will first entail removing your underpad.
Unfortunately, underpads are not savable in a water damage scenario. This is because the
underpad is a sponge and will absorb all the water. This means the under pad can’t be dried
properly without being removed. In a lot of cases, a misconception is drying the carpet is
sufficient to deal with the water damage on the carpet, however underneath the
underpad, and pool of water remaining will turn into mold and mildew. This will eventually
damage your carpet, as mold and mildew continue to grow with minimal moisture.

Therefore, in all cases, it is highly recommended to remove the underpad that has been affected. Having
the under pad under pad replaced is a very low cost and an easy process. Therefore, it should be a no-brainer to
have that attended, as the consequences can be very high financially and health-wise.

Now once the carpet has been uninstalled, and the underpad affected removed, it is time to set up
air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the carpet. It is important to quickly have equipment set up
to dry your carpet, as any delay can lead to damaging your carpet’s color, shape, and smell. As
previously mentioned, having carpet cleaning after is also recommended to have the carpets in
the cleanest form possible.
For any questions or concerns about your water damage project, please do not hesitate to call 5
Star Cleaning for a free quote over the phone. The technician will explain what process and
equipment is necessary for your unique situation. 5 Star Cleaning 5 Star Cleaningoffers 24/7 emergency
services to avoid secondary damage to other parts of your home.

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