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Health is Wealth, Stay Home and Stay Safe during pandemic to save lives,
5 Star Cleaning is fully open during and ready to provide safe and professional ONE STOP SOLUTION to all cleaning and 24/7 Flood Emergency services

5 Star Cleaning is committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees; therefore, we are acting under the WHO, the Ontario Government Health & Safety regulation, and Precautions for COVID-19.
During COVID19 Pandemic, we have incorporated new practices to comply with most up to date information from local health department with safety regulation.
Our Team will always wear Medical Masks.
Our team will always wear disposable gloves and shoe covers when attending to each job.
Our team will always wash hands with soap regularly.
Our team will frequently use hand sanitizer and Disinfecting all the equipment that used.
Our team will maintain physical distancing, at least 2 meters with customer.
• They will not shake hands
• They will not accept or share food or beverages from customers
• They will not share materials or products
• They will Sneeze or cough into their sleeve if needed.

To ensure everyone’s safety we are conducting daily COVID19 screening check with our team members, ensuring employees or customers to make sure we have safe environment to work in. We continuously improving our sanitation protocols and implementing contact tracing.


5 star cleaning Logo

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration

1 hour response time for Toronto or GTA. Free same day estimates and assessment. We work with insurance companies and offer direct billing. Certified and professional technicians!