Winter Water Damage Risk

Winter Water Damage Risk

The Risk of Water Damage Flooding During The Winter

5 Star Cleaning offers water damage services 24/7 all year round for flooding in the Toronto and GTA. We have come across all types of water damage issues over the years, including winter water damage. Here are some factors to check up on, to avoid flooding and water damage during the winter. If you have water damage in your basement or home, please call one of our professional technicians today!

Water damage issues can arise all year round, however, winter holds its own risk. This is due to ice forming on or around the house. When the snow starts to melt, it can lead to leakage into a building, cause damage to walls, ceilings, and insulations. Another issue is the lots of snow on the side of the house, and when the temperature rises, an excess amount of water is released. In fact, this is the primary cause to water damage flooding in Canada. Therefore it’s important to understand what causes basement flooding and what steps you can take to mitigate the risks.

During the winter the risk of flooding increases due to high amounts of snow or ice. It’s important to keep an eye on the following conditions that may cause flooding.

Improper floor or wall sealing: If there’s improper sealing during the construction of your property, it can allow water to seep into your basement during heavy rainfall or snowfall.

Cracks in your floor or walls: Cracks are not uncommon in older properties and they can easily allow water to enter your property.

Weeping tile failure: Many properties have a weeping tile system integrated into the foundation to help with underground water drainage. If that system fails, the chances of a flood increase greatly.

Sump pump failure: If you have a sump pump, which is used to collect and remove rain or groundwater that accumulates in the basement of a property, and it fails, the water could continue to build up and that could result in basement flooding.

Blocked or broken eavestroughs: Water that should be running off your roof could instead permeate down and flood your basement if your eavestroughs are broken.

The second reason for flooding, sewer backup, could also be to blame. It can occur for a variety of reasons:

Clogs: Sewer backups are most commonly caused by clogs. Generally, if only one toilet or sink is affected, the clog is inside that particular drain, but if there’s a backup every time you flush or use any sink, the clog is likely in your main sewer line.

Tree roots: Damage to pipes or holes in pipes can be caused by tree roots either growing into them or wrapping themselves around the pipe and crushing it.

Broken or collapsed pipes: Nowadays, plastic pipes are the industry standard, but older homes may have cast iron piping and are especially at risk of broken or collapsed pipes (especially in the winter).

At 5 Star Cleaning, Water damage remediation is our profession.  Call us 24/7 for licensed technicians to check and/or dry your home safely.

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