How To Notice Early Signs Of Water Damage

How To Notice Early Signs Of Water Damage
Water damage signs and issues can be hidden behind walls or under carpets like this picture.

Water damage signs and issues can be hidden behind walls or under carpets like this picture.

Over a long period of time, signs of water damage will be eventually impossible to miss- wall and floor deterioration, damaged possessions, as well as toxic mold growth. The goal of this article is to find the issues before its too late. Water damage is very time-sensitive, that’s why professional companies like 5 Star Cleaning have 24/7 services to immediately remediate the situation. Here are some ways to spot early signs of water damage.

Floors. If water is leaking underneath the subflooring due to the foundation or pipe leak, the tile may become loose or out of shape. With laminate flooring, the floor will wrap and bubble. A change to the shape and flatness of your flooring may be a sign of water damage, or very wet conditions.

Walls. This part is tricky because we can’t see behind the walls, however, there are many issues such as foundation and pipes leakage. It’s important to observe the paint on the drywall for peeling or bubbling. Also small or irregular cracks in the wall may be caused by the swelling of excess water.

Stains and spotting. Walls may show stains and spots in a yellowish color, this issue is prevalent on ceilings and walls. Excess moisture or leakage causes the color change and is a big indicator of mold and mildew.

Musty odor. Have you ever smelt the inside of an old cottage wooden cottage right by the water? Well that’s the smell we are looking for if you have unnoticed water damage. The increased humidity may be due to water trapped behind walls or more commonly under or inside your carpet.

At 5 Star Cleaning, Water damage remediation is our profession.  Call us 24/7 for licensed technicians to check and/or dry your home safely.

For any water damage concerns or questions, or in case of  24/7 water damage restoration service needs, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 emergency hotlines.

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