Rug Repair Services in Toronto

Rug Repair Services in Toronto
Rug Repair Services in Toronto and GTA areas
Sometimes rugs can sustain permanent damage either due to permanent discoloration, water damage, tears in the body, and regular wear and tear. These types of problems cannot be fixed solely by cleaning. In most cases, the rug will need to be repaired or restored. This includes Re-Fringing, Leather Binding Support, Re-Weaving, and Double-Hand knotting. When 5 Star Cleaning 5 Star Cleaningtechnicians visit your home, they will help you identify the correct course of action to address your need.

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Rug Repair

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Underpads are available for sale. Ask our 5 Star Rug Repair Technician for our three kinds of rug under pads (regular stop, all stop & super stop) for your rugs to prevent moving and slipping.

Our Rug Repair Services:

Oriental rugs over time have worn fringes. If this problem is ignored, serious damage to the end borders may occur. Our artisans can repair and re-fringe your older, but still beautiful rugs, giving them renewed life. Extra care is given to each rug to match, as closely as possible, the original fringe. We recommend having rugs cleaned when any repair is being done.

Re-Weaving is done to reconstruct torn and deteriorated areas of a rug. In this process, the damaged area of the rug is cut out entirely, a new foundation is placed in its place, and the missing area is completely rewoven from scratch.

When oriental rugs are finished being woven, a protective hand-woven is wrapped on the sides of the rug. Over time this woven can wear or separate from the sides. Our expert weaver can re-wrap the sides by hand or by machine, restoring this protection to the sides of your rug.

Over time, the actual knotting of the rug may loosen and start to unravel from the fringed area. Double-Hand Knotting pushes back the loose knots into place and blocks them from moving from their original spot.


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January 17/2023

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