We’d love to say everything will be fine, but it depends. Wet carpets from clean water like from pipe leaks can be cleaned if the carpet itself is clean. The source of water is very important to determine if the flood affected Rug or Carpet is savable. It depends on how long it was wet, and if it can it be effectively cleaned and disinfected.

IICRC and other standards for remediation recommend removal and replacement if your carpet was soaked with water that was contaminated with sewage OR if your carpet remained wet for more than 72 hours. Flood damaged carpeting can pose serious health hazards from mold, bacteria, and other toxins. It is important to wear eye and respiratory protection as well as rubber gloves if you are around these materials or call your local professional. (5 Star Cleaning, 416-315-7562)

Still not sure about your situation? Here are some basic questions to help you decide whether to keep or throw out your carpeting and rugs:

1) Was the source of the floodwater “clean” (like from a burst water pipe) or “contaminated” (like a backed up toilet or water that came into your house from outside during a storm)?

  • If the water that soaked your rug/carpet was clean, that you may be able to save it. Professional Cleaning is required, along with disinfecting the area. (5 Star Cleaning, 416-315-7562)
  • If you aren’t sure whether the water was contaminated, general IICRC guidelines recommend removal and replacement.

2) How long was the carpet or rug wet? What should I throw out?

  • If the carpet or rug was wet for less than 24-48 hours AND the flood water was “clean,” you can have them professionally dried/cleaned.
  • However regardless of the situation, wet underpad for Rugs and Carpets are to be thrown out. All guides set for health and safety recommend the full removal of wet underpad. Professionals can target wet areas only with equipment and experience, and leave the dry underpad for cost effective services. Along with re-installing the wet underpad cut out. (5 Star Cleaning, 416-315-7562)

3) Can the carpet or rug be effectively cleaned and disinfected? How can I dry my carpet?

  • Carpet Cleaning is required after water damage has effected your carpet. Water can attract bacterial and unhealthy toxins and requires deep cleaning. Along with this process, disinfecting is required as well, to prevent mold and bacterial development.
  • The carpet needs to be dried before the carpet cleaning is preformed, wet carpet will not dry on their own, and with water/moist areas the risk of bacteria and mold are high. You will require airmovers and dehumidifiers to properly dry the carpet, along with extracting the moisture from the air. (5 Star Cleaning, 416-315-7562)
  • Rugs also need proper care, to avoid bacterial and mold. The moisture in the rug might also cause the colour of the rug to mix and change. Professionals can dry the Rug in the plant, along with cleaning and disinfecting the rug, to restore the rug. (5 Star Cleaning, 416-315-7562)



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