How to prevent basement from water leaks and damage?

How to prevent basement from water leaks and damage?

5 Star Cleaning has provided water damage services for over 20 years.  As a water damage certified and experienced  technicians at 5 Star Cleaning, We would like to suggest some prevention tips to avoid costly water damage.  Homeowners and residents need more education on how to prevent water damage because many families in Canada are affected by that.  Canadians needs more information on prevention of water damage due to the high risk, based on the style and materials used to build the houses in Canada. 

Following are few points in how to prevent water damage for residential or commercial basement.

 Re-sealing your basement is one of the best preventions. Water Damage in the basement is often caused by cracks in building foundations or floor slabs.  If you notice water after heavy rain when you’ve never had a problem, it may means that your once-waterproof cement floors and basement walls have deteriorated. Painting vulnerable areas with water sealant can prevent leaks.

Make sure water drains from your roof point away from the building. The ground is exacerbated by soil that has settled in a way to make water flow toward the building. After a storm, and especially if the ground is already saturated, rainwater that flows towards the building goes down the outside of the foundation wall potentially through any cracks. This excess water builds up on the side of your house will cause the water to push into towards your home.

Install a backwater valve is a prevention for sewer water backing up into your home. Though less common than other causes of basement water, sewer backups are messy. If you have sewer water issues, talk to an expert.

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