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Water Damage on Hardwood or Laminate Flooring

Water Damage on Hardwood or Laminate Flooring
Water Damage on Hardwood or Laminate Flooring

The increasing popularity of hardwood floorings and laminate floorings is growing in Ontario. Water Damage on Hardwood or Laminate Flooring is critical. Unfortunately, water and these types of floorings do not mix well. When water sits on top of hardwood floors, it possibly can permanently ruin the hardwood color and shape. The water will be absorbed by the wood through its pores and cause warping and discoloration. Water on hardwood is a serious red flag, from even a spill of a cup to serious water damage.

In the case of water damage, speed is key. To form mold and mildew, there is a 72-hour period for attending to the issue. However, for saving your hardwood, you have less than 24 hours to avoid permanent damage. One of 5 Star Cleaning’s specialties is avoiding secondary damage. Based on a certified technician’s assessment, they can either remove the hardwood to have it properly dried then re-installed it. Our most popular method of drying hardwood is using our industrial dehumidifiers and fans to remove the moisture out of the wood and off the flood with our extractors.

Wood can get wet (or moist) in a number of ways – a flood from outside from the rain, leaky pipes (or frozen pipes), ice damming, a toilet overflow, a leaky roof, a hurricane or storm, an appliance breaks or leaks (e.g. dishwasher or washing machine), a fire (with water used to extinguish the fire), water spills/accidents, pet accidents, a high water table in the ground that then forces water into your sub-floor from the ground.

Bear in mind all hardwood flooring will not react the same to water, and all have different levels of protection to water. Water swelling will cause the hardwood or laminate to rise and creates a warping effect. For example, engineered hardwood can rise when the water reached the glue underneath. Most issues are caused when the water moves through the cracks and reaches the wood that is not covered by a covered layer.

When you do have water damage, it is very important to remove the water quickly from the floor. This is to prevent your hardwood from being damaged as well as the mold growth that can occur in the 48-72-hour period. The biggest misconception is using towels to dry the hardwood. Firstly, towels move the water around more than potentially removing the water. Therefore, pushing the water into more space and effectively moving water into more cracks of the laminate or hardwood flooring. This increases the chance of warping and damage to the color of your floor. Secondly, in some instances, we have seen clients leave the towels on the floor until presumably dry or till help arrives. This will trap the moisture and speed up the mold and mildew formation in your hardwood. Water needs to be professionally extracted with industrial vacuums while the industrial dehumidifiers are on.

Whether or not your insurance will be covering the damage depends on your insurance plan and the cause of the damage. Please note that most homeowners (less than 20%) have flood insurance.  So, if the damage was from flooding (i.e. it came from outside the house), there is a good chance you are not covered.

But, if the water damage was due to some sort of mechanical issue (e.g. leaky or frozen pipes, water heater bursting, toilet overflowing, broken appliance, power outage so sump pump wasn’t functioning) or a structural issue from the house (e.g. roof leak, ice damming), then there is a good chance you are covered.

Call your insurance company (and read your policy).

Make sure for any water damage issues with hardwood flooring, carpet, or walls to call 5 Star Cleaning. Water damage on hardwood or laminate flooring is our priority. Our company has over 20 years of experience and many certified technicians for water damage. 5 Star Cleaning uses the industries leading technology and equipment to safely dry your home. While you wait for our arrival, make sure you find the source of the water and have it stopped. Most times with inside the home water issues, you may need to contact your plumber before our arrival. Also make sure to move all wet items from the area. Do not place wet items onto dry hardwood, carpet or drywall area as you will cause secondary damage. Use neutral water-resistant surfaces such as kitchen tiles or garage pavement and bathtubs.

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May 10/2020

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