mold-causes and remediation

mold-causes and remediation

What caused mold formation and how mold remediation is done?

When there is a mold, look for a source of moisture, water leaking problem from appliances, or anywhere in the house where you locate the mold happens.

In this situation, you have to do two main jobs, first fix the moisture causing source and get rid of mold.

All these two main jobs depend on the size, duration, and how big of an area-id effected.

You have saved yourself lots of money by locating these water damage and mold issues that you have.  The sooner that you take care of these issues before they become major problems, the more saving you did to your property and your pocket.

Sometimes, you see small patches or dots of mold in ceilings or walls that could be due to high moisture inside the house in total.

we should all understand that reducing the moisture in the home is important. Where we live in Ontario, Canada, The Ontario Building Code recognizes that a good range for Humidity Levels within the home would be between 35-50%, with 35% being more optimal in the wintertime and  50% more common in Summer. These readings will slightly change with weather changes too.

If you are interested and have a mold problem at your home,  you can buy a simple hygrometer or relative humidity gauge. These are easy to get online or at the local store.

The sources of moisture found in the home could be any plumbing leaks, window or roof leaks, appliances leak, steam from baths,  doing dishes and simply by respiration – people and pets breathing. To offset moisture, it is important to keep the house well ventilated. This can be as simple as opening the windows for a few minutes every day or, more complex, running exhaust fans or whole-house ventilation systems.

It is important to know that there are different kinds of mold and mold can easily be spread all over other areas if not removed professionally.  It is like a spore that move in the air and stick into walls ceilings and cabinet and in the air flowing and we breathe them into our lungs. It will b  It will be safer and more cost-effective if you let mold remediation professional to remove your mold.

In regards to water damage or any leaking from anywhere that caused the mold formation have to fix ASAP and water damaged area has to be dried professionally to prevent any secondary water damage and more mold formation. Mold remediation has to be done professionally without exposing other areas.

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