How to avoid pipes bursting during the winter. What to do when water damage occurs from flooding?

How to avoid pipes bursting during the winter. What to do when water damage occurs from flooding?
Frozen pipe dangers in winter

Frozen pipes during winter season causes high danger for water damage

Out of sight, out of mind? Not exactly when it comes to our pipes. Unfortunately, accidents and issues do happen with our pipes. No matter how old or new. Couple of factors that cause our pipes to be affected are;

-Moving Pipes

-Water Pressure


However, frozen pipes are the most common issue for bursting. When the water in a pipe freeze, it expands due to excess oxygen. This causes the pipe to crack and eventually leak into your home. Sometimes a small gradual leak behind the walls go unnoticed until too late. Through the floor and drywall, the presence of black mold will show. On the other hand, sometimes there is a huge presence of water from the pipe that will travel through a couple of floors and walls causing lots of damage from flooding. Canada is known for its cold winters, and increased the risk of this incident causing water damage. 5 Star Cleaning can provide a couple tips and tricks to avoid such an issue.

-Direct warm air to colder areas of your home: Pipes often freeze because they’re in non-insulated or non-heated areas of the house. Be sure to keep your pipes warm in the cold months of winter.

-Seal the area around your pipes: Sometimes your plumbing is far colder than it has to be. Be sure that all leaks around your piping are sealed to avoid any unnecessary temperature strain.

-Knowledge matters: Know where your water shut-off valves are and how to turn them off.

Need Help Cleaning Up? Let Our Certified Project Managers and Cleaning Technicians Assist:

Prevent any secondary damage. Secure the flooded area from expanding.

Determine the stage of damage. Has the source problem been fixed? Have your belongings been moved to dry areas? 5 Star Cleaning staff can assist with this.

Determine the scope of the damage. Where is the water coming from and moving to? It may not be just the one ceiling, wall or floor. Moisture readings and thermal imaging photographs may be taken even behind the walls, above the ceiling or into the subfloor with 5 Star Cleaning’s specialized equipment.

Get the water out. 5 Star Cleaning will extract all the water from the units quickly to avoid water moving to different parts of the unit.

Installing drying equipment. Industrial-strength fans and dehumidifiers are utilized by 5 Star Cleaning technicians to begin drying things out for you before mould concerns set in. We have specialized equipment for sensitive areas, such as on hardwood flooring. Equipment should be set up as soon as possible.

Moving contents. 5 Star Cleaning will assist in removing and storing unaffected content, as well as documenting items that were damaged by the water for your insurance company.

Monitor the equipment and unit. 5 Star Cleaning monitors the equipment to make certain that everything is dried properly, but also as quickly as possible.

Carpentry services. Wet drywall, flooring, cabinetry and trim will be professionally removed if required by our technicians. However, most work will be performed to dry the unit without secondary damage.

Clean, sanitize, odour treat. We use professional and green cleaning solutions and our cleaning technicians are trained and certified on various applications, ensuring that your home is cleaned properly and kept safe for your family.

Rebuild work. 5 Star Cleaning continues to work with you as your general contractor providing local sub-contract trades to completely re-construct and restore your home to its pre-damaged condition.

For any water damage concerns or questions, or in case of water damage restoration needs, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 emergency hotlines.

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